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Our Mission

We are determined to create a warm and hospitable environment for those who have budget limits but still want to maintain some standards for where they stay.


We try to always create and keep a calm, relax and soothing environment for our guests to find peace of mind and enjoy their stay.


Feel free to ask any questions about the city, where you need to go and how you have find transportation. our staff are always more than happy to be able to give a helping hand.

Our Story

In a mega city like Tehran, where every thing is happening super fast like all the mega cities around the world one can be lost and confused easily thus having a base where you can relax, meet people you can connect to and use their experiences and feel safe can be very assuring and that is the sole purpose why we created Deed Hostel.

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Where to visit

Tehran is a mega city and one of the largest capitals in the world and it’s got a lot to offer to a tourist. Below are only a few examples.

Milad Tower

Milad Tower is one of the tallest communication towers in middle east with great restaurants with tremendous view on top.

Azadi Tower

It might not me the tallest tower but it is defiantly the one and only symbol of Tehran which always amuses its visitors with its uniquely beautiful design.

Nature Bridge

Iran is known as a country with a very long history and a lot of historian sites to visit but it does not mean it has fallen behind from modern architecture and creating wonders which are suppose to last for many years to come. Nature Bridge is a great example.